Sophia Zobel

Sophia Zobel

Born in Amsterdam 1991 After studying goldsmithing in Schoonhoven (final apprenticeship with Philip Sajet) I moved to Berlin where I worked for 7 years as a goldsmith and 3D designer. After having moved back to the Netherlands again to study under Iris Nieuwenburg at the Willem de Kooning academy, I started to feel a huge urge for ‘rooting’; to have my feet in this ground again and to understand the ground around me. I’ve tried to do this by studying and working with materials and traditions around me. The subjects in my work are therefore very personal. They are socially critical and feminist and revolve around this soil; in both transience and growth I see parallels with both social and (my) individual development. Being radically rooted to me means understanding where I come from, what part of this is socialisation and what part can be changed.


Chaos is normality – Unframed festival Berlin (DE) 2018

Jewel Rotterdam – Object Rotterdam (NL) 2022

Woekeren – Graduation show- Het archief Rotterdam (NL) 2022

Woekeren – Designperron – Dutch Designweek Eindhoven (NL) 2022

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