Woekeren, Neema Zoey 2022

Woekeren (overgrown) is about wanting to break deep-rooted patterns and old-fashioned ideas about the passive, dependent woman that still surrounds us through Christianized fairy tales; century-old stories from which every form of self-determination of women has been actively extracted since the 19th century. By reclaiming elements of stories appropriated by the Church into the feminine idiom and into my collection, I create jewellery that symbolises freedom of choice and autonomy. Jewellery that reminds us of the power within ourselves and the ability to change our lives.

Wyrd I, 2022, carved 3D printed wood, silver, pigment & Ruthenium
Wyrd III, Photography: Neema Zoey, 2022
Woekeren III, oxidised silver, 2022
Wyrd III, 3D printed wood, oxidised silver & ruthenium, 2022
Crime passionel, photography: Neema Zoey, 2022
Crime Passionel, silver & pigment, 2022